Monday, March 16, 2009

Some finished items.

If I don't change my mind. I will send this for a ami swap. Not sure yet.

This one I am thinking of sending for one swap. Might do one for me too.

This one suppose to be a hotpad. I started it when I was in hotpad swap but didn't like how it came out so I didn't finish it. I finished it yesterday. Might send it for another swap.


sissie said...

is this hotpad and the headband 2 Items you put in windy's swap? she called me right after she got it and was bragging so much about the items you had sent her and was telling me about the hot pad and headband:)

thank you for brightening up her day:)


Kairi said...

Yes,that is what I sent. I think I sent one of the bears also.I made 3 bears and sent one of them to her also. Do you know if headband was the right size for her?