Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Buddy Swap.

For February I had to do something red. First I thought of making a tablecloth but it didn't come out very well and my partner wanted to have something to wear. I wanted to make something like poncho or sweater but couldn't find any nice yarn for that. All the red yarn was gone when I went to the store. So I ended up making a hat. I got the pattern from lion brand yarns and used cotton yarn to crochet the hat. I hope it fit her. I made it a little bigger than it said in the instructions.
For March I will make something green for the kitchen.


Aurora said...

I love the hat!!! Great job.........I don't do too well on hats. LOL

Kairi said...

Thank You. I also do not do hats very much. That was a first time I crocheted one. This one was really easy to make. You can find a pattern in Lion Brand yarns.